False SIP


Taurin’s Equipment !

My Equipment is Audio Generator+Oscilloscope+iphone.

This Thursday at Shan Studios, on the Internet, and all around the world, Gogoj and Taurin Barrera will be presenting “False SIP” an audiovisual performance that will be completely mediated by digital and web technology. This performance and experiment will be broadcast via live videostream from Beijing, China at 11:59 PM July 28, 2011.

Using an array of webcams, DIY synthesizers, medical equipment, projectors, busted radios, and many unconventional instruments, the performers will create a completely immersive audiovisual experience in the Shanstudios sound laboratory. But the actual performance space will be silent – as to not wake the neighbors and simultaneously experiment with the best distortion box ever created (the Internet!) – all sounds will be processed digitally and virtually. The event is entirely exploratory and will hopefully lead to greater investigation of the Internet as a viable medium for other such experimental performances.

Admission is of course free, and participants will be able to “attend” the performance at any time by clicking the link below. The only requirement for attendance is a reliable internet connection and a pair headphones (or incredibly loud speakers).

*gig online is a new project form shan-studio, we will invite different AV artist doing a live performance by internet, hope please follow this chanel – gigonline.

gigonline on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

The link to the article at Artslant.com by Edward Sanderson

The SoundTrack Recording:
FALSE SIP/gigonline1 by shanavlab gigonline

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